Ikat Gopi Skirt Outfit – Long top

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Product Description

Please Let me know if you would like a different color combo. Amazing Ikat at its best!! Panels and panels, yards and yards make this outfit so incredible, its so full as you can see in the pictures I can do longer tops to if you like White petticoat not included, can be ordered on request. Custom made to your measurements Ikat refers to a traditional dyeing technique used to pattern textiles, where the thread is dyed prior to being woven, which gives rise to Ikats distinctive ethnic patterns. The handloom fabric is particularly durable and is perfect for "wash and wear" daily use.

These Ikats are dyed and woven in small batches, and the design always changes a bit from batch to batch. I've been working with Ikats for over a decade now, and love the patterns. It's a near universal weaving style common to many world cultures. Likely, it is one of the oldest forms of textile decoration.
  • Debi

    Can I buy just the skirt? And how much is it?

    • gopiadmin

      yes you can buy just the skirt…this style is $150 for the skirt only

  • Anne McClintock

    Can I get the top with three quarter length sleeves?

  • Sultana Begum

    I only want the skirt how much ?