Ethnic Threads – Khaki Chariot


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Product Description

These outfits are made with Odishan Ikat fabric. Odisha is a state located on the eastern seaboard of India that has a very distinct style of art and clothing...a style which is deeply tied to indigenous village much so that it looks almost tribal in it's simplicity (it's my all time fav fabric btw). Odishan art and culture is also intrinsically linked to the worship of Krsna in the form of Jagannath, and the patterns in Odishan fabric reflect this by their usage of: chakras (wheels), conches, clubs, lotuses, peacocks etc. (these are all standard symbols associated with Krsna). This collection is unique, because the skirt so prominently features the wheel of Jagannatha's cart, thus reminding one of the Ratha-Yatra festival that takes place every year in the seaside city of Puri (and in devotional communities around the world). I've been attending such festivals since birth, and sweet experiences with the devotional tradition associated with this culture are part of my earliest childhood memories. As for the ikat fabric, it is a traditional dyeing technique to pattern cloth wherein the thread is dyed prior to the cloth being woven, thus giving rise to ikat's distinctive ethnic patterns that switch from one color to the next very sharply. It's hand-loomed and is particularly durable and perfect for "wash and wear" daily use. These ikats are dyed and woven in small batches, and the design always changes a bit from batch to batch. I've been working with ikats for well over a decade now, and just love the patterns. It's a near universal weaving style that's common to many old-world cultures, and it's probably one of the earliest techniques used to decorate textiles.