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I gathered all the hues of blues and greens I could find for this elaborate skirt....The borders are gorgeous woven chakras from Jaganath Puri Orissa....The pop of fuchsia and huge border give this outfit an incredible effect.....its made from cotton with faux raw silk embellishments.
  • Kristen Killian

    Hi Radhika, I am so excited to find your shop! I plan to order about 4-6 items for Garba season! I have a couple of questions. First, Could you make the dancing mermaid skirt using the pale aqua from the Springtime skirt in the Embroidered Collection? I would want the rest of the trims, blouse, and dupatta to remain the same with the fuchsia and chakras. Also, I am a large according to your chart, but I would require a 36-37 in length instead of 39. Please let me know. I am excited to place my order!

    Thank you,