Batik Gopi Skirt Outfit – Scarlet Red


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Product Description

Batiks have been around for millennia and have (among other places) been found in: Africa, Egypt, China and India.  Nowadays they're most often associated with Indonesia (and especially Java).

Indonesia and India have enjoyed mutually enriching cultural relations for almost two thousand years, and my Batiks hail from India.  India may very well have been the place, from whence the technique was introduced into Indonesia; although we'll never no for sure, as batiks presence in Indonesia dates back to before written history.


These Batiks are super clean and crisp and fresh.  The white fabric creates a perfect springboard, for the colors to jump out from.  In the sunlight, the colors become translucent and come to life, glowing with an almost florescent light, against their white backdrop.

This is one of my all time favorite styles of Gopi Skirt Outfits! I love them so much I own two, in different colors!