Gopi Coat – Yellow Brick Road


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Product Description

Inspired by the pixie/faerie clothing sensation, I’ve been dreaming about making a line of Gopi Jackets for over ten years….well, they’re finally here and they turned out better than I’d hoped…..super hip, with an urban fairy-tale vibe, and of course an Indian twist ;) These Gopi Jackets are made out of Odissan hand-loomed ikat fabric and are heavily lined with thick khadi cotton (also hand-loomed)…the result is that they are quite warm…at least by California standards. They also have oversized front pockets….to keep your hands nice and toasty…..and another amazing feature of these jackets is their massive whimsical hood….it’s stylish, functional, and super warm! These jackets are designed to look absolutely fabulous all buttoned up or open…and full disclosure…putting them on has a high probability of inspiring one to spontaneously twirl. I’m doing them in limited runs, so if you like them, buy them quick :)